The F16 or f-16 fighting

The F16 or f-16 fighting Falcon is a role fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamic for the United States Army. It was designed as a lightweight daytime fighter. It has become a successful fighter capable. All around, it's a heavy reason that it makes a great market by being chosen or forced by 25 countries as the West Coast's largest iPhone-powered fighter project with over 4,000 productions since not bought. By the U.S. military, advanced models continued to market in the nation, selling the aircraft manufacturing business to the Rockheat Dog Company as a heathen, later joining the Martin Toyota as an air fighter. There are many cultures including the rounded cockpit cover that steers the rods that exert the force on the astronauts, the m61 Vancan cannon and numerous missiles will be the first fighter to be built to model. 9g. It has a very good discharge rate resulting in excellent leveling power and acceleration. It may be necessary that it's official name is fighting Falcon, but pilots call it viper. It comes from a field and a Cobra and is named after the Series Pattern fighter.


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